Bright Academy was founded in 2018 by Annette Houston to deliver the training and skills needed to people working in the Cleaning Industry.

With over 25 years experience in the cleaning industry, Annette knows the challenges that come with trying to manage the training needs of large cleaning teams across lots of industries.

‘We looked at the challenges we had faced as a growing service provider and we believe that by making our courses relevant, cost and time efficient we will deliver what the industry needs.

We understand that taking a cleaner out of service deliver for a few days to attend training courses is not always feasible so we have developed our basic skills courses to be delivered in bite sized chunks, all online and accessible from any mobile device.

We have also developed supervisory skills training for those who are seeking to develop their skills and make this wonderful industry their career.

Our Mastermind Programs are for business owners and those seeking to become business owners in the industry to set out their roadmap to building a sustainable and successful cleaning business. These programs are intense and require serious commitment from our participants but we guarantee to shortcut the growth curve by implementing the clear and proven strategies that have worked for our own cleaning businesses for the last 25 years.