How to Disinfect Your Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

House cleaning is nothing new, however the current outbreak of coronavirus has drastically changed a lot of how we do things, and keeping our home clean and safe is certainly one of them.   Here are our 8 top tips on keeping your house safe from COVID-19: Clean your house regularly and keep cleaning products … Continued

Do you employ a Cleaner?

Your business premises is the place that represents you so it’s natural you’d want to ensure that your place of business looks it’s best at all times. Quite often we employ others to take care of this task, as we are busy building our business and looking after our own teams. So how do ensure … Continued

Clean your house in 2 hours!

Sometimes the thought of having to clean your whole house is enough to make you put the kettle on and put it off for another day. Truth is, in today’s busy and hectic world we often spend our precious free time rushing around trying to fit everything in, including cleaning our homes. We’ve put together … Continued

Infection Control in the Workplace

Most of us know what it’s like to feel unwell and we hate being sick. As an employer or HR manager, being responsible for the health and well-being of our team has become big business. There has been an explosion of new schemes and services by health, fitness and wellness companies to help keep us … Continued

Cleaning up after a flood

The past week has seen many homes and businesses destroyed by floods. The water itself can wreak havoc not only on your personal possessions but also on the structure of the property itself. The best advice is to get professional input at the earliest possible stage to help salvage what you can. For most of … Continued