Do you employ a Cleaner?


Your business premises is the place that represents you so it’s natural you’d want to ensure that your place of business looks it’s best at all times. Quite often we employ others to take care of this task, as we are busy building our business and looking after our own teams. So how do ensure that the person you hire to look after the cleaning of your premises is giving you value for money?

We’ve put together a quick checklist to help…

Meet the prospective cleaner

Meet the prospective cleaner and ask for references – you wouldn’t hire any other employee without interviewing and checking references and hiring a cleaner shouldn’t be any different. This person will be responsible for a lot and you should be happy with your choice.


A checklist

Draw up a list of the important areas that will be required to be cleaned every week and ensure the cleaner understands what’s expected. We would usually recommend co-signing this document so everyone understands it’s importance. (Works specification)


Cleaning Equipment

Decide whether you will provide all the cleaning equipment and materials for the cleaner to use or will they be expected to provide their own. This will probably have an impact on your costs but it may be much more convenient for them to provide everything.



You will need to ensure that there is an agreed storage area for cleaning equipment and that any chemicals used are secured when not in use.


Waste Management

Most cleaners are not responsible or licensed for the removal of waste so you will also need to ensure that there is an outside bin that all rubbish can be put into each week.



Carry out an inspection at agreed regular intervals along with the cleaner and draw up a list of any areas that need some extra attention. Depending on your original works specification, this extra time may need to be paid for by you, or if it’s work that they should have up to date, it will be up to the cleaner to resolve these issues in their own time.


Just like with any other employee you should review the agreement each year and make any changes needed for both parties.