How to Disinfect Your Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic


House cleaning is nothing new, however the current outbreak of coronavirus has drastically changed a lot of how we do things, and keeping our home clean and safe is certainly one of them.


Here are our 8 top tips on keeping your house safe from COVID-19:

  1. Clean your house regularly and keep cleaning products handy.
  2. Focus on high-touch surfaces (see below).
  3. Wash your hands before and after cleaning the house for 20 seconds.
  4. Use sanitizers with at least 70% alcohol content in it.
  5. The sponge or cloth that you use to clean with, ensure you disinfect this after using it.
  6. Never combine disinfecting or any cleaning products and open the window or ventilate a room if fumes become bothersome.
  7. Test surfaces for safety in a hidden spot before using alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or any disinfectant on a surface, especially a delicate one.
  8. Rinse food contact surfaces with clear water and dry after disinfecting, unless the product label specifically says it’s not necessary.


Recommended Cleaning Process:

It’s a common misconception that spraying and wiping cleans a surface; this is not the case for COVID-19. Here’s our 2-step process for effective surface cleaning:

  1. Use a regular soap and water or a normal cleaning agent to clean the surface first. This cuts down the quantity of germs, which also reduces the chance of infection. But to actually kill germs, you also must sanitize or disinfect surfaces after cleaning them.
  2. Use your disinfecting agent next. Check the bottle for the recommended dwell time, and spray onto the surface. Do not wipe; leave it to air dry.


What type of disinfectants should you use?

  1. Household bleach – mix 20 mls per 100 mls of water
  2. Sterlising fluid – mix 10 mls per 100 mls water
  3. Dettol surface spray – ready to use clear liquid
  4. Rubbing Alcohol – ready to use but be careful where this is used – highly flammable


High-Touch surfaces

What are they? In a nut shell, they are places which you touch the most. Places like light switches, doorknobs, handles, drawers, fridge handles, microwave doors, backs of the chairs, kettle, makeup products, drawers, toys, toilet seat, TV remote, your mobile phone, tablets and many more. Cleaning these every day is vital.