Clean your house in 2 hours!


Sometimes the thought of having to clean your whole house is enough to make you put the kettle on and put it off for another day. Truth is, in today’s busy and hectic world we often spend our precious free time rushing around trying to fit everything in, including cleaning our homes.

We’ve put together an easy to follow house-keeping program that will have you done and dusted in two hours! It’ll also count as one of your exercise sessions for the week too – BONUS!!

That means that once you’re done you can relax with that cuppa knowing you’ve been super efficient. Go you 🙂


What you’ll need:

  • Large rubbish bag
  • Laundry basket
  • Multi-purpose cleaner/disinfectant
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Mop bucket & clean mop
  • Cleaning cloths
  • Some good music to help keep you moving


Cleaning your home in just 2 hours

Spend the first 10 minutes going around each room the house emptying all rubbish into the bag and putting all laundry into the basket. Also put anything that doesn’t belong in each room outside the door for sorting later.

Put on the first load of laundry and empty all the rubbish to the bin outside.

Tidy and clean the kitchen area putting all dishes into the dishwasher or washing/dry by hand. Wipe any marks or stains on the kitchen cupboard doors, front of cooker and doors of the fridge.

Dust all the free surfaces around the home and wash all counter tops using the multi purpose cleaner.

Remove all bottles and items from all bathroom surfaces and place them on the bathroom mat. Spray all bathroom surfaces with bathroom cleaner. Put EITHER a bleach or a toilet bowl liquid under the rim and scrub around the bowl with a toilet brush, close the lid and leave the brush to drip dry.

Take a clean wet cloth and clean dry cloth and go around all the mirrors, glass doors or mirrored wardrobes etc in the house and wash them then dry them to avoid streaks.

Wipe down the sinks, tiled areas around sinks, bath, shower and finally toilets. Rinse down shower including shower doors.

Replace clean towels and put back all personal items and lift the floor mats.


Starting at the furthest point to the laundry area, vacuum all the major traffic areas in the house and use the nozzle to clean the obvious edges and corners as you go.

Switch laundry from washing machine to airer/tumble dryer and put on another load.

Mop major traffic areas starting at the farthest point from the kitchen and when you get to the kitchen, put the kettle on before you start.

When you’re finished mopping the kitchen, clean and put away all our cleaning kit. Then sit down and relax with your cuppa while you wait for your floors to dry 🙂