COVID-19 Cleaning Services

At FM services we have been providing professional cleaning services for our clients for over 26 years. But the crisis we are all facing right now is like nothing we’ve faced before and we are struggling too.

Not seeing our family, friends and teammates has been tough.  Being restricted in our homes has been challenging but we KNOW it’s for the great good of everyone so we are making the best of home schooling, home working and even some home improvements.

But there is one thing that we KNOW we can help with during this crisis and long after the lockdowns are lifted and we all begin to venture out into our favourite shops, restaurants and bars again – we KNOW how to keep these buildings safe. And we don’t just clean for the sake of making it look good, we’ve made it our company’s mission to clean for HEALTH – we’ve been doing it for over a quarter of a century.

There are many ways to combat this invisible enemy and we know and deliver them all.  Whether it’s the disinfection of your home right through to the forensic decontamination of your bar, office or nursing home, our teams will leave no germ behind in the quest for protecting the health of our clients.

Whether or not you want us to carry out the work for you or you want us to train your own teams in the skills they need to do it in house – we are committed to delivering our knowledge and experience to any business that needs our help.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for advice.